Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thoughts On Afterthoughts

First, thanks to everyone for their suggestions on how I can minimise my costs for going to Woolfest. Fear not - Cinders will go to the ball even if she has to walk there and sleep under a hedge!

I've finished the Flamingo socks. You may remember I wasn't overly taken with them when I first started. Well, in true self-striping fashion, they've grown on me and I love them! Shame they're not for me but for my friend Meg who lives in Australia where it is rapidly heading towards winter. I think I'll be making a pair of these for myself too.

Stats for the interested. Opal Rainforest Flamingo knitted magic loop, top down on a 2.5mm Addi circ with an afterthought heel. I used dpns to knit the heel because I thought it'd be hard to do the heel by magic loop. Don't ask me why I thought this seeing as it is done exactly the same as the toes which were done, you guessed it, magic loop.

I like the afterthought heels and though picking up the stitches was a pain the rear I'll definitely be doing heels this way again. I think this is probably the best heel method for self striping yarns because there's no interruption to the striping pattern at all. Your eyes don't deceive you - I did try to keep the striping from the sock correct on the heel. Pretty damn close if I do say so myself.

I've already started another pair - the April/May Six Socks KAL pattern called Sixth Sense Socks. Pics when I have some progress worth shouting about. Tomorrow there will be some dyeing and spinning pics.


sal the spider said...

Gorgeous socks, great heels!! Saw this also http://www.icanspin.com/nanknits/bandsock.htm as another way to do heels on self stripers. I have enough wool to try both at least twice!! :-)
Sal x

Steph said...

Great socks! That yarn looks familiar.. ;-)

Dixie said...

They're just perfect!

Rain said...

The heels look great done like that. It's so neat looking.

Meg said...

They look pretty damn good - can't wait to wear them :)