Monday, May 01, 2006

Been Dyein'

I spent a little quality time with the dyepot yesterday as training for Dye-o-rama. (Haven't got my partner yet... patience is a virtue... remember that Sue!)

Both skeins were randomly dyed using the tried and true rainbow dyeing method. I mixed up a dye solution according to the directions, put the pre-soaked skeins in a saucepan and just covered with water. I used a syringe to squirt the dye randomly over the skeins and simmered for 30 minutes and then left it to soak for a while - not sure how long because I didn't pay attention to that bit! I did swirl the saucepan around a couple of times to distribute the coloured liquid a bit more.

I am very pleased with the results in the skein and can't wait to knit them up. I've hinted to Mum that she can have the pinky purple one but the greenish-blue is mine all mine! :-) Best thing is that I know I can repeat the colours - not exactly but enough to be able to call it the same colourway.

First we have the pinky purple. This was dyed with two colours - red and blue. No surprise there then. :-) The first picture shows how it looked out of the dyepot and the second is re-skeined to re-distribute the colours.

Second was dyed with two colours again, this time jade and blue. In both cases I used 4mls of blue and 7mls of the other colour. The colours are quite pastel but not overly pale. I'll be experimenting further with stronger dye solutions to get brighter colours.

Nice huh?

Now off to order some more cones of sock wool to continue the experiments. Yeah, yeah I know its an obsession!


Steph said...

Ooh lovely! What a great result for a first attempt. Well done! Do you have to set the colours or do they wash ok now anyway? I'm never quite sure how that bit works..

Daisy said...

Oooh, tasty colours!

Rain said...

Your yarn always comes out looking lovely. I especailly like the green/blue one.

Dixie said...

Every time I see new yarn you've dyed I think of what I'd be like dying yarn and I shudder. I'd make the biggest mess - I just know it!

You always have wonderful results!

Silvia said...

The Yarn looks lovely:0 I love the blue/Jade on best but the pinky one looks lovely also.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! This is Kate, your sockpal -- I opened my socks and they are GORGEOUS! I absolutely adore them... I've been dreaming of purple knee-highs for months now.
I would love it if you could email me your address -- I want to show you how fabulously they fit! Email me, if you can, at:
Thanks so much! They make me so happy!
- Kate

Angi said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I have got to venture into the dying realm. I've been a bit hesitant. But seeing these results...