Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dye-o-rama And Socks

I've dyed another couple of skeins of sock yarn and although I think I have what I want for my Dye-o-rama pal, I'm going to continue to experiment!

First is a plum and green skein - don't be put off by the colour in the pic I just can't get an accurate representation! It really is plum and green. This is more of the 100% merino lambswool 4ply I got from Texere and is the skein I think will be for my Dye-o-rama pal.

Next is a skein of orange and chestnut although once again the colour is not accurate - its not quite this neon! I'm not sure I will be able to reproduce this one as the dye was sucked up in the one spot so I had to fiddle around with extra dye to get the whole skein done. I do like it though. I never thought I'd like orange but there you go!

Oh dear more wool to dye! The 2 cones at top left are both 400gms of 4 ply merino, the one top right is 400gms DK and the little 100gm cone at the bottom is 2 ply laceweight. There is about 800-ish metres on that little cone if I remember correctly! Love Texere!

Finally, I've started knitting Pomatomus from Knitty. This is a lovely pattern and for me (so far!!) is an easy knit. I've done one full repeat of chart A and its looking lovely! The yarn is one of the ones I dyed a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I'm worried about is that it might be a bit too big because its more stitches than I would normally knit and is on 2.75mm needles also larger than my usual. Oh well, we'll see!

I might be frogging the Denmark socks too. Not because of the pattern but I'm not feeling the love for the wool which is Wendy 100% superwash wool and it feels quite harsh to me. I think I will rip out and start again with some of the DK from Texere once I've dyed it.


Emma said...

All your products are gorgeous, but especially the blue you're using for the Pomatomus. I absolutely adore it!

Rain said...

I think your dye pal will be delighted with the yarn, the colours are gorgeous.

Hope your socks work out ok.

Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! Oh, such a great job you did with dyeing the yarn, it looks so gorgeous - I especially love the plum and green one!
Your Pomatomus socks are coming along so fine, it's such a lovely pattern, isn't it? Have fun knitting it!

Secret Dye-O-Rama Pal said...

Uh oh. Your dye-skills are a bit intimidating. But the yarn is just beautiful. Well done!

I've finished the dying for your sock yarn. Now I just have to get it all together to mail out. I'll let you know when I've got it in the post.

Lynne said...

Ohhh, your yarn is coming up so nicely! I am tempted by Texere, especially now that I can access their website (at one point all it did was open the home page over and over every time I clicked on a link). I missed out on the dye-o-rama thing...

ra said...

Love those yarns. What dyes are you using for them and where did you get them. I've just done my first Kool Aid dying and loved it, but am considering using "real" dyes next time.

I'm having the same concerns about Pomatomus which I'm down to the heel flap on, it does seem a little large. I'm going to carry on and if it's too big go down a needle size and knit two more I think. Got plenty of yarn and I've already had to frog twice (not paying attention to the change of direction in the pattern!)