Saturday, May 06, 2006

Got Socks!

My Sockapaloooza socks have arrived! All the way from Texas and made by the very talented Olga. They are a perfect fit and I absolutely adore the colours! The yarn is Hill Country Yarn in the Pecan Orchard colourway. Its a hard colour to photograph but I think these flashless pics are close. The flash makes the colour way too bright!

Look at the fancy pants heel!

I got all teary-eyed when I opened them! I really enjoyed making my pal's socks and receiving these has really made, well, my whole year! What a shame it's actually decided to be spring finally and it's just a bit too warm to wear them. I think I just might wear them anyway - they are too gorgeous not to!

Keeping in with the green theme, it was a beautiful morning and I snapped a few pics of the fields at the back of my house. There was the slightest bit of mist over the river and I could hear a cuckoo calling as I was drinking in the morning. Fabulous!


Rain said...

What a lovely view.

The socks look fab and are a great colour.

Dee said...

The socks are beautiful, and so is the view. I also wanted to say thanks for linking to us, and to say we've added your blog to our new links page. I couldn't see an email address to tell you privately, so I hope you don't mind me doing it through a comment!

Olga said...

Oh, hurray! I'm so glad that you liked them, and that they fit (I've never knit socks for anyone else!) I've enjoyed "stalking" your blog over the past few months and am lucky I ended up with such a sweet, funny sockpal.