Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just A Quick Update

Mum has started knitting a sock with the pinky purple yarn I dyed last week. (Here's the sock reclining gracefully on some very obliging self-seeded dill!) I really like the way its knitting up and its super soft! I realised the other day that it isn't superwash wool so will need to be hand washed and now I'm thinking my Dye-o-rama pal won't thank me for the extra work. So what do you think? Would you hate me if I sent you yummy soft but hand wash only 100% merino lambswool? Or would you prefer something like Opal dye-your-own which is machine washable? Don't panic - I have some of that, 4 skeins actually! (coughebaycough) :-)

I've been knitting away on Meg's second sock and I really want to get it done either today or tomorrow. Its her birthday at the end of May so I want to get the socks in the post for then. Along with some other goodies too! Well, you can't spoil your bestest-friend-ever too much now, can you? :-)


Anonymous said...

I guess I should ask you that same question. I didn't even think of it before. I'm glad I read this post :)

Would you mind if your Dye-O-Rama sock yarn was 100% (supersoft) Merino, but not superwash?
-Secret Dye Pal

Daisy said...

If it was me, I wouldn't mind at all, the thought of receiving a dye-o-rama sock is lovely. Isn't superwash harder to dye or something, so that might limit colour options?

Dixie said...

I love that pink color! And the dill compliments it perfectly!

Rain said...

I think most people have a small amount of handwashing to do anyway so a pair of socks wouldn't be too much of a trauma.

Both pairs are lovely but I especially like the pink ones. Your dye jobs always knit up so well.

Caroline said...

My hand spun and hand dyed socks go in the washer. That goes for the camel, silk and merino pair as well as the merino, mohair and BFL ones. The last time I bought a washer I looked for one with a good wool programme and I now have a fortnightly wool sock wash with about 16 pairs in together. If it were me I'd be happy with the "handwash" socks.

Olga said...

those pink socks are beautiful. also, i wouldn't mind the handwash...i agree with rain, i've always got some handwashing to do (it seems knitters usually do!).