Sunday, May 28, 2006


My first Denmark sock from Knitting On The Road is progressing slowly. This is the Wendy Emu superwash DK that I thought was a bit rough. I do like this pattern and I think they are going to be a nice pair of socks when I finally complete them. (I've edited this because I originally left 'nice' out of that last sentence so it read 'I think they are going to be a pair of socks' - errrr yup!)

I've given up on spinning for Meg's scarf because I would really like to send it to her for her birthday which is on Tuesday. Eeeek! I will one day knit her a scarf from my hand spun yarn but this is the pattern she chose, Wavy from Knitty, using the DK yarn I bought from Texere a while ago and dyed to colours Meg chose. Its a bit pinker than I wanted although not quite as much of a 'raw meat' colour that this pic makes it! I'm half way and I am going to finish this scarf today so I can send it to her just a little late for her birthday. Its okay, she knows me well and knows a parcel will arrive eventually!

More dyeing! This is a 100% merino 4ply dyed with just plum dye squirted randomly over the yarn in a pot with water to just barely cover it. I really like this one!

Meg sent me some Hot Socks yarn from Australia - made in Germany! How mad that its travelled half way around the world twice to get almost back to where it started! Its is very similar to Opal, Regia etc, the usual 75% wool 25% polyamide. Nice and soft though and pretty colours.

Last bit of news - I'm getting a swift for my birthday! It hasn't arrived from P&M Woolcraft yet, but it will be really hard to keep my mitts off it for 2 weeks till I turn 43!


Rain said...

Socks? Really? ;)

The scarf is looking great so far and nothing like raw meat. I love the plum yarn, I bet it will look gorgeous knitted up.

Dipsy D. said...

Hi from Austria! I really love how your socks are coming along, such a great pattern! And so is the scarf - oops, no raw meat at all, I think the color is gorgeous! Your dyeing is so amazing too - you see, I'm absolutely impressed by your projects, great work!

Juli said...

Hi Sue! :) I'm your partner for the Great Bookmark Exchange! Came to check out your blog...still ooooooh'ing and ahhhhhh'ing over your pictures and your sock yarn! :)

Hugs! Juli