Friday, May 26, 2006

SP8 Gifties!

The postman knocked at the door this morning and my brain went into immediate over-drive trying to think what I'd ordered. Nothing. I haven't ordered anything! Hmmmm wonder what it is. Oh, maybe it's something for Mum, after all, I'm not the only person in the house.

No, it is for me. Oooooooooh! It says SP8 - a parcel from my pal!!

I'd like to do one of those artsy posts where the package is carefully deconstructed and each treasure revealed one at a time and photographed for posterity. But, ummmmmm, I ripped the package open in a spray of glittery bits! Inside were three 100gm skeins of Coldharbour Mill aran weight 100% wool, two of plum and one of crocus, a 'Batty Bookmark' with a Max lookalike on it (hehehehe love it!) and a set of beaded coasters. I am spoilt rotten!

SP8 you are a star - I love everything! Thank you very much for putting a big, happy grin on my face.

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