Friday, June 30, 2006



Cheryl said...

Woohoo! You'll have so much fun!! Let me know if you have any issues getting it going, I have the same wheel, maybe I could help.

Wye Sue said...

So how long did it take before the box was opened ?
And now much longer did it take for the first skein to appear ???
Look forward to seeing a productive holiday ;-)

Cortster said...

Yaaaay! I'm almost as excited for you as I am excited for me about the three pounds of natural chocolate brown Corriedale, one pound of Northern Lights handpainted, new hackle and new Jacquard dies I just got -- just in time for 5 days off!

More pictures when you assemble it? Some sample skeins?

Bon appetit!

sal the spider said...

Fabulous!!!!!! All these new wheels around, it's great. Have fun!
Sal x

Rain said...

Oooh excitment. I bet you couldn't get it unwrapped fast enough.