Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Sue

and I'm a spin-a-holic.

I think me and the wheel (must think of a name) are joined at the treadle. Knitting? What's that?

First up, the bobbin on the left is spindle-spun and wound onto the bobbin for plying. The bobbin on the right was spun today on the wheel of course. I managed to match the thickness of the singles pretty well so I'm feeling a bit smug! This pic is flash-less and is a little bluer than the real thing.

Here they are plied together, once again pic without flash. There's about 5ogms, 140 metres and is pretty much DK weight all through the skein.

And a close-up on the right, pic taken with flash.

Finally, because impatience is my middle name, I've started spinning the clown tops. I'm trying to spin quite thinly because I want to make socks with the end product. I hope I've got it right and I suppose I'll find out soon enough.


ambermoggie said...

beautiful, well done you. Still have to learn how to use this new wheel of mine
amber in scotland

sal the spider said...

Oh, lovely! It is such a wonderful patime, no? You can even spin in this hot weather as so little of you has to move!!!
Sal xxx

Anne said...

Ooh, lovely. I can't wait to see what the clown tops look like finished.

We named our wheel Kate.

Rain said...

Lol, I bet you're glued to that wheel.

I love the results so far. When you've spun everything in sight I can't wait to see how it knits up. The clown stuff looks great.

Cheryl said...

Great looking singles! Isn't the wheel great?!