Thursday, July 06, 2006

Round, Round Baby

With apologies to Dead or Alive. :-)



I didn't think so. :-)

The second skein of clown tops spun up quite differently to the first. I had two lengths of roving and I split each in two and use one of each for the two different plys in each skein. That's a terrible sentence but I hope you get my meaning! In the second skein, the colour segments matched much more closely and there are only a few barber pole sections. This is more how I envisaged it looking but I love them both in all their mismatched glory. I think I'll use the more solid one on the feet and the variegated on the legs of the socks.

A comparison of the skeins.

Just because I can, a pic of all I've spun this week. I know there are more prolific spinners but I'm having fun! The purple yarn is what I started spindling for the Wavy scarf for my mate Meg. She got Wavy in this colour but not out of hand spun.

So, Meg, what do you want made with it? Another scarf? There's just shy of 200gms so enough for something reasonably sized but not huge.


Silvia said...

OHHHHHH!!!!!!!Such beauty

Rain said...

Ooo you're getting good so quickly. You can really see the difference in the skeins.

The purple looks gorgeous.

sal the spider said...

You've GOT to see "colour in Spinning" by Deb Menz.(bossy huh?LOL) There are a trillion pics of rovings and the handspun it turns into all fabulously explained. That woman must have spun sooooo many hanks to illustrate every possible way to spin coloured roving and bless her for it!! LOL Seriously it's a must have book.
Sal x