Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ruh Roh... my best Scooby Doo impersonation.

I was dozing this afternoon (well its rather warm and I am on hols!) listening to HP & the Order of the Phoenix when all of a sudden the sound cut out. When I regained enough wakefulness to realise how odd it was that the CD stopped just at that point, I realised that my computer was off. Like I said... ruh roh!

Turned it back on - nothing. Shit. No beeps even. Double shit. Nothing to indicate what was wrong. Triple shit.

After a bit of pondering, I realised that the first thing the computer checks when you switch it on is the graphics card. Ahhhhh! Replace graphics card (I build my own computers and have enough parts to make another ummmm about 4 I think! :-) ) and we have lift off.

Do I need to add that I haven't backed up for a while? Well, I am backing up right now! Thank goodness it wasn't the hard drive. Let my unexpectedly busy afternoon be a warning to you... back up now!

Anyway on to the real reason for this post!

The wheel.
I finished it with a clear satin varnish and I like the way it turned out. Anne's tip about the candle wax is also in the instructions from Ashford and I have to say its the best bit of advice they give! Getting the crank shaft through the centre of the wheel was the hardest part of the whole process and I don't think I would have managed it without the candlewax. Fortunately candlemaking is one of my crafts and I have about 10 kilos of the stuff on hand. Useful! All the hard work was worth it though and I am now seriously addicted to this little beauty. :-)

Of course, once it was all put together I couldn't wait to get started spinning and my drop spindling experience has really helped the process. I knew what to do almost by instinct and I'm sure its because of the spindling. Here is my first skein all plied up. So fast! This pic is undoctored and the skein came off the bobbin like that - no twisting!

The second pic is a close up. Far from perfect but I'm happy with my first ever wheel spun yarn. I used Blue Faced Leicester tops I dyed a while ago in some leftover dye liquid and the yarn it self varies from about 4ply to chunky but is probably mostly in the DK or slightly thicker range. I wasn't too worried about consistency I just wanted to get a feel for the wheel and work out the process of spinning on it.

Right! Now back to backing up my computer...


Caroline said...

That's really good you know, your first skein is way better than my first, I just couldn't stop running (fear I think).

Silvia said...

So day I will do so as well. In the meantime I must get me dropsindle out and hve another go

Rain said...

Uh-oh indeed. Glad it wasn't anything too serious. I'm going to shift some stuff to my external hard drive later, tales like that scare me.

The wheel looks fantastic and it certainly looks like you have a knack for using it. No prizes for guessing what you'll be doing in the coming weeks.

jeni said...


Fred said...

If it's an ashford traditional can you drop me an e-mail?

Dixie said...

You never, ever fail to impress me!

Carolyn said...

I'm amazed that was your first go at spinning with a wheel - very impressive!