Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Spinning Post

I've been meaning to do this post for a couple of days but the rather warm temperatures and being on annual leave have meant I've been very lazy. There hasn't been an awful lot of progress either on spinning, dyeing or knitting but I've read a lot! I'm re-reading the Brother Cadfael books by Ellis Peters. I've got the full set and I love them and re-read them fairly regularly. This time around my tiny brain keeps perking up at every mention of sheep, spinning, weaving etc. Forget the medieval murder mystery tell me more about the fibre!

I'll start with what I'm spinning at the moment. This is a pic of the purple and green merino tops I bought from Freyalyn off Ebay a few months ago. I just checked and she hasn't got anything on Ebay at the moment so I won't do a link.

I've taught myself to Navajo ply! How impressed am I? Its a bit uneven because things seem to run away with me. I think its a coordination and rhythm thing, not two of my strong points! I've spun it to what seems to be my default thickness and with the Navajo ply which makes a 3 ply yarn, it has come out to about DK weight. Not too shabby!

Its a bit thick and thin but I am improving. I bought 100gms and this is about 50gms of it. I'm about halfway through spinning the second umm half :-) and will Navajo ply that too. I'm thinking socks, of course, for the finished yarn. I keep looking at it and thinking 'wow it looks like real yarn!' That's the 3ply effect I think!

Next we have some Wensleydale. The yarn in the first picture was started on my drop spindle but finished off on the wheel. I know I've said it before but I absolutely adore this wool! Its shiny, silky, dyes like a dream and is a real pleasure to spin. The individual fibres are quite long and slip passed each other so easily. Yummy. When I dyed this I liked it so much I decided to do another batch which, of course, turned out quite different! The first batch was more even and the second more variegated so I decided to spin a single of each and ply them together.

Second batch of Wensleydale, dyed with blue and jade. I split the tops lengthways, spun it a bit thicker than usual and plied the two singles together. There isn't a lot here and I haven't decided what to use it for yet. I love the subtle effect when seen from a distance and how you can pic out the individual colours when you look close-up.

Next post will be about the knitting. Suppose I ought to do some then...


Dixie said...

I am just crazy about how that purple and green yarn look!

gourdongirl said...

I just love these blue colours and the purple and green is just to die (dye!) for.

Steph said...

Oooh - beautiful! Well done on teaching yourself. :-)

DianeM said...

They are all gorgeous! I like the wensleydale particularly - I've never spun it before, I don't think we grow it in Aus??? Most of what is available here is merino or corriedale.

Sheep and wool show this weekend!!! :-)

Rain said...

Ooh Cadfael. I love those books and enjoyed the tv series too.

The purple and green is so beautiful.

Woolly Wormhead said...

Ooh, beautiful Sue, just beautiful! Love your spinning.. looks so soft and natural with damn good plying! I can't do the navajo ply, so am mightily impressed. And Wensleydale is one of my faves too, along with Alpaca and Blue Faced Leicester.