Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thin Spin

I bought some merino/alpaca/silk blend from an Aussie Ebay seller (Highland Cottage Crafts, if you need a little enabling :-)) and it only took a week to get here. I started spinning it yesterday and it is beeeyootiful! I have 150gms and I'm spinning it really thin because my plan is to design and make a Shetland style shawl with it. There are lots of pics following some with flash and some without. I know that the colours would be more distinct if I spun it a bit thicker but I like it like this. Its sort of heathery and it will knit up nicely as a shawl I think. Hope. :-)

no flash


flash - pencil for scale

no flash - sorry for the blurriness I was a bit precariously balanced!

flash but taken close to the window so the colour is actually the closest to the real thing. I don't need to tell you how pleased I am with the thinness and relatively even spinning do I? :-)

I also had a major ooops! of the spending kind yesterday involving an inkle loom, yarn and books. Gory details to follow once the goods arrive! :-)


Auntie Noo said...

Oh that is sooo beautiful - not sure if I should look at your blog or not really - could get me into trouble. It looks stunning thin like that, am super impressed at your skill!

Wye Sue said...

Now that looks like showing off to me ;-)
My spun is near the size of the pencil....
Will have to come over with some lace books when you are ready to be lead astray !

Silvia said...

That just wants to make me cry!!! You are spinning on a Wheel right!!?? Please promise me that this is done on a wheel and do not make me feel even more inferior by telling me you used a spindel!!Or I won't touch the Wensleydale!!
But boy it looks yummy!!
I be interested to read about your Loom when it gets in.

DianeM said...

The secret is finding one of those huge chunky pencils to compare it to fo the photo shoot :-D (only kidding) It's beauuuutiful. Are you getting any haze from the alpaca? Are you going to ply it? Can't wait to see swatches. BTW have you seen the silk singles tutorial on Two Left Needles?

jeni said...

That is some amazing spinning! Well done!

Rain said...

My word, that's stunning. It's absolutely beautiful

KnitYoga said...

That's just gorgeous - the spinning, the fantastic colours and the fineness of it, too!

Dixie said...

I'm impressed! It's really wonderful looking.

I don't know how you do it. I could no more spin than I could flap my arms and fly to the moon! :D