Sunday, September 24, 2006


My clapotis is growing and has grown more since I took this picture yesterday. In the picture, I've knit six of the thirteen repeats of the straight section. At the moment, I'm up to nine - four more to go! Its a quick knit so I'm hoping to finish it soon. I'm still not enamoured with the colours of the Rowan Tapestry, they're kind of muddy. I'm hoping to have enough leftover to knit some mittens or maybe handwarmers. I'm not sure how well the yarn will hold up, its very softly spun.

The sock in progress is Trekking XXL in colour #100. I must admit I hated this when I started knitting it but its grown on me. I'll reserve judgment until I finish both. I started this on Monday evening and have made good progress because of all the travelling I've done this week. The seminar was... ummmmm interesting, yawn, but catching the train to Birmingham and back added an extra two hours of knitting time to my week. :-)

The sheepies are back! The field at the back of my house has its woolly inhabitants back. This is a very quiet bunch! Maybe because there are no lambs constantly losing their mummies and crying about it. It was a bit misty here earlier on today.

I thought today's skies were rather nice too, especially after the early rain we had. So this is kind of like an extended version of Saturday Sky on Sunday. :-)

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