Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Dobby Hat

060903-1I can't help myself. I have a fit of the giggles every time I look at this latest finished object. Its not that I think its awful, because I don't, but its just too cute for its own good. :-)

The pattern is the Dobby Hat from Stitch 'n' Stitch, a Harry Potter fan! Its very simple, knit in the round with no shaping, other than that caused by changing needle size, with a three-needle bind off at the top. When you wear the hat, the corners fold down and look like ears. That's what causes the giggles. Too cute! Unfortunately, due to my complete inability to wear a hat with anything even approaching style, the model is a saucepan! Mum wouldn't model for me either. I'll just have to hope that Meg likes it and sends me a photo of her wearing it. She wears hats well.

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