Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Mixed Bag

060907-3Let's start with this morning. Just as I was about to leave for work I looked out of the window to see this. Golden mists. It was such a lovely morning, crisp, clear and sunny. You really can't ask for more. I love the mornings at this time of year.

060907-7This evening there was a lunar eclipse. Excuse the not brilliant picture! Unlike a solar eclipse, the moon doesn't disappear but turns orange/red! The lunar eclipse I saw when I was living in Wales was better than this one for colour because the moon went a really deep red but this was better for the sheer size of the moon. It was HUGE!

060907-5Yesterday, my stitchmarkers arrived from the Swapbot swap I joined. They're gorgeous and the loops are made from tigertail I think, flexible and will fit large needles. The needle they're on is a 4mm.

060907-6Finally, I have decided to knit Eris, the sweater version. I bought some Cascade 220 from Get Knitted and I'm swatching! I also bought some 15mm Brittany needles. Not to knit Eris with! I've got some Sirdar Bigga bought from the Beatties sale where I got 5 balls for £3.50, that's for all 5 not each! Bargain. I might make the bag from the first issue of Simply Knitting but with a few amendments.

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