Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sox On Sunday

060916-3My Regia silk socks are finished. I like these so much. The colours and the softness are just fab! They were knit toe-up using this Knitty cast on with an afterthought heel on 2.5mm dpns. Although using this cast on was a bit of a pain - knitting the first round is difficult because the stitches are so tight - I will definitely be using it again because the stripes don't get messed up. It probably didn't help that there was quite a long time between starting the first sock and the second! I'd forgotten how to do it and had to re-learn and make sure it matched. I got there in the end and I like the way it looks.

060917-1More socks! I should finish the second of the Dye-O-Rama yarn socks today. The yarn was dyed by Jeni and she is obviously brilliant! The stripes from the two separate balls are matching perfectly. I can't wait to wear these, I love them! Once these are finished, I have a dilemma - so much sock wool! Which to knit next?

I've started swatching with the Hip Knits silk I bought on Thursday at the NEC but the project will be secret until I decide what I'll eventually be making. It will be lace. :-)

060915-2Here's a pic of a sunflower from Mum's garden, planted by the birds. I love sunflowers and it is a perfect match for today's weather which is bright and sunny (now the fog has disappered!)

I almost forgot! I've joined two KALs - Warm Hands and Socktoberfest. Both have fairly easy-going rules and I need more socks and mittens! Now to decide what to knit for them...

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