Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Loom

Here it is. The loom. How excited am I? So excited that I lost the screws used to attach the beater to the loom but the drama is over. I found them. I won't tell you the names I called myself - I even made me blush! :-)

As you can see, the string on one of the levers has snapped. I'm going to temporarily repair it with dishcloth cotton (handy stuff!) and when I get paid again I'll get some Texsolv cord to repair it properly. I want to replace the string heddles with Texsolv ones too but that can wait. I bought some warping pegs at Ally Pally so once I order some shuttles I'll be set to go.

I'll reveal the Ally Pally purchases tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit blurgh today so I'm going to bed early with a good book for company!

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