Monday, October 09, 2006

A Monday Post - Gasp!

Its a rare and marvellous thing... I'm posting on a Monday!

The reason?

Hand carders! Most amazing is that I can do it! I can card wool. My technique sucks but will improve with practice and I plan to get plenty of practice. :-) I've put off buying a fleece because I didn't have any carders but now there's nothing to hold me back.

I bought these off Ebay (yup, yet another reason why I said I'd been bad) and they've arrived from The Netherlands in just over a week.

Really exciting news now - I got a post card from my Hot Socks pal! Thanks very much HS pal, that was very thoughtful and made my day. :-)

I did a bit of shopping for both my Hot Socks and SP9 pals today. I don't know who my SP9 spoilee is yet but I thought I'd get a few fairly generic things for starters. If I find out that my pal doesn't like that sort of stuff, well, I can always keep it for me. hehehehehe

Now, what can I card next...

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