Friday, October 13, 2006

Oooooh! Lookie here - my parcel has arrived from my Hot Socks pal! The yarn is from Piece of Beauty Yarn Store. I've not come across this seller before but let me tell you the yarn is delish! Its a really squashy, sproingy 100% merino superwash. My colourway is called 'Doll Doll' and is sold out - nyah nyah! I also received some Green & Black chocolate, clotted cream fudge and some coffee (that I just keep sniffing. I lurve the smell of 'real' coffee beans).

Thanks very very much HS pal!

I can't tell you for certain who my pal was because they are still being very secretive! (no, I'm thick I tell ya, the CD didn't give it away... but I have an idea... definitely Geordie accents in the area... so come on now... out yourself!)

There are tales to come of loom wrestling, extravagant spending at Ally Pally and the real pleasure of teaching someone to knit and seeing their face light up when they realise they 'just got it'! :-)

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