Sunday, October 08, 2006


I've finished a pair of socks for Socktoberfest. Of course, I started these on the 19th September but they qualify because I worked on them this month. :-) I no longer hate the colour but we all knew that wasn't going to last!

Vital statistics: Trekking XXL colour #100, 2.5mm dpns, 60 stitches cast on, top down, flap & gusset heel. (Ooooooh! I just noticed that Lolly herself has left a comment on my Flickr pic of these socks!)

Of course, pair of socks off the needles means new pair of socks on the needles! These will be my next commuter project. I'll be spending about 6 hours on trains on Thursday going to Ally Pally so I should have a bit of progress to show by the end of the week! These are being knit from 'Schoeller & Stahl Fortissma Socka Cotton Color' colour #6537. Once again, I'm not sure of the colour. I loved it in the ball, it looked mainly muted olive green and purple, but so far its more dark grey than anything else when knitted up. I will, however, reserve judgement after the Trekking socks episode. :-)

Finally, a few purchases.

061008-4Some gorgeous plum alpaca DK I bought from Ebay. I've been a very bad girl on Ebay lately and must not buy anything else! There are 500gms on the cone so enough for a sweater or cardigan. I'm not sure what pattern I'll knit yet and I may even weave with it as its a 2 ply yarn.

Freyalyn has some fibre for spinning on Ebay (see, told you I'd been bad!) at the moment which is 80% superwash wool 20% nylon - yup, sock yarn! I got some black/grey mix (the flash has emphasized the grey - its not really that bright) and her lime and cedar colourway which is a really nice mix of lime green, blue and bluey-green. I'm going to spin these as part of Twisted Knitters. I will be dying my own fibre too but when I saw this wool/nylon blend I just had to try it.

Right! I'm off to watch Season 6 of Red Dwarf and knit socks in between snorts of laughter. :-)

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