Sunday, December 03, 2006

Note From Mother

I feel like I should be handing in a note from my mother explaining my absence from blogging. :-) Busy at work and not feeling 100% are the only reasons really. I had a cold about six weeks ago that now seems to have developed into a chest infection and, yes, I am going to see the doctor. (Mum's making me go!)

There has been knitting, spinning, weaving and even dyeing going on though I can't show the dyeing because its for my secret pal. I'll spread the posts out a bit to make up for not blogging much lately.

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I've started 'Turbulence' from Knitted Nature. I'm about 2 inches away from starting the arm shaping on the back. I'm using Jaeger Matchmaker Merino in a colour that seems to be either olive, grey or brown depending on the light. I love knitting with this yarn, it is soooo soft.

I've also started a new pair of socks with the Fyberspates yarn from my SP8. I really like the way this is knitting up. I had started a pair of socks with Lorna's Laces but the first attempt looked too small, second attempt - I cast on the wrong number of stitches, third attempt - there was some seriously bad pooling going on. So the yarn is in time out until I get over my temper tantrum!

Finally, a knitting extravaganza that isn't any of my work. This is a link to the Flickr album of my photos of the Knitted Garden in its Cardiff incarnation. Lots of people stopped to look and make comments on the absolutely fabulous knitted items on display.

Promise I won't be such a bad blogger again. :-)

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