Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks SP!

Two posts in one day? Hmmmmm... methinks Spinning Sue is on hols from work!

Updated fog picture. Its even heavier now than it was this morning. Sounds as though its quite widespread too. Laura in London has a foggy view of the M1 and Silvia can't see the field at the back of her house up north in Yorkshire.

The postie bought a lovely surprise today - a parcel from my SP9!! Love the card! It's a stripey snowman err... cat with a real stripey cat next to it. Cocoa, sweets and some gorgeous body products. Fantastic wash cloth and two balls of Sugar & Cream! Like most knitters, I always want the stuff I can't get locally and I've read lots on the 'net about this yarn and now I have some. Fab colours too! Thank you SP9 for such a lovely parcel!

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