Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Weaving And A Bit Of Spinning

Snappy and original title that is!

The good news - I don't have a chest infection. Just a virus that has caused inflammation of the tissue and muscle around where the ribs join the breast bone. Its not really painful just uncomfortable. The treatment? Ibuprofen. Not very glamorous is it? Ah well.


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I took my first piece of weaving off the loom a while ago. It is only a sample so it doesn't look like anything. It changed a lot when it was 'wet finished' (or fulled). The cloth tightened up a bit and the weaving looks more even. The overall dimensions shrank a bit which is only to be expected. I used Jamieson's Ultra and it has made a nice drapey fabric.

Mum requested a woven scarf in cream with a chevron pattern. I said I couldn't do that yet and she said 'you'll figure it out!' Errr... thanks Ma! Well actually she was right and I did. :-) I'm using a point twill threading for the warp and that gives a horizontal zig zag pattern - not really obvious in this picture. The warp is some undyed 4ply merino from Texere and the weft is some undyed blue-faced leicester that I spun. I think its going to be a lovely squishy, warm scarf!

This is a pic of the blue-faced leicester as it was being spun. Its come out as roughly DK weight yarn with a few thinner and thicker bits. It's weaving up nicely though and the yarn is definitely giving the scarf character!

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