Monday, December 31, 2007

Old Year Round-Up

It is that day of the year again where its time to review what I've knit over the last 12 months.

Not surprisingly, there have been lots of socks.
070120-5 070328-01 070415-02
070428-02 070514-02 070526-01
070531-01 070607-01 070619-01
070630-01 070724-01 070807-02
070819-01 070821-01 070901-01
071208-01 071227-01

There were three shawls (knit for Kerrie).
070418-01 070830-01 071203-01

Handses, headses, neckses.
070121-1 070128-1 070903-03
070718-03 071223-01

070718-01 071022-02

070320-01 070420-01

A toy.

There were also the designs of Kerrie's that I knit for her (two tops and a triangular scarf).

Overall, I think I can say that being unemployed for a fair whack of the year was definitely good for my productivity! Nearly everything was knit from stash although I certainly didn't go the whole year without buying yarn. I still have more than enough yarn to keep knitting without having to buy more. I'm going to limit my purchasing again in 2008 although I have signed up for the Blue Moon Fibre Arts Rocking Sock Club. :-)

Here's to hoping that 2008 is another year filled with fibre-y goodness...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have great one.

As usual, I've made a donation to the Dog's Trust in lieu of sending Christmas cards. All the homeless doggies say 'woof-woof woof-woof woof!' (Eng. trans. 'thank you very much!')

Wishing everyone all the very best, lotsa love Sue :-)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Misty Garden


I've finished knitting the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style and although it wasn't intended to be a Christmas present I think I will be giving it to my mum. I haven't knit anything for her this Christmas so finishing this just in time is perfect!

We've had freezing fog here for most of the week so an FO with 'misty' in its name seems very appropriate. Its very foggy again this morning with a hard frost and according to Yahoo its -4C here at the moment.

Great weather for knitters!

Ravelry link

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lightweight Mountain Peaks Shawl


I actually finished knitting this a couple of weeks ago. It was knit as a sample for Kerrie using her laceweight cashmere. I used a different colour for the edging because I wasn't sure I had enough of the pink. As I was running rather late in getting it finished, I didn't want to knit half the edging and then rip it out because I'd run out of yarn!

It is absolutely gorgeous and as light as a feather. I wouldn't say it was really difficult to knit but it did require a whole lot of concentration. It is probably the most frogged and tinked thing I've ever knit!

But it is done and it is beautiful.

And you know... I would knit it again!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rainbow For A Grey Day


The weather is vile here today. Grey and rainy and generally blurgh! So here is a rainbow to brighten it up! Opal Rainbow socks cast on waaaaaaay back in September and finally finished. I used my usual non-pattern of 60 sts on 2.5mm needles with a short row heel and standard toe.

They are bright.

I like them! :-)

Ravelry link

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's Maxi!


Just so you don't think I've died :-) here is a pic of the mega-cute Max to keep you going until I have some real knitting content! The pic was taken by my bestest friend Meg when she visited in September. Max adored Meg hence the really sappy look on his face!

There will be a finished object appearing soon I promise. Possibly two if I manage to stay awake long enough after work to do more than eat dinner. :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sad But True

I've had very little time to knit this week. Sigh. So the only thing I have to show is a sock. A nice sock but a sock that was cast on in SEPTEMBER and is still without a mate. Sigh again. I cast this on so I would have a portable project to take to the airport to meet my friend when she visited from Australia. The yarn is Opal Rainbow.

I'm still working on a couple of projects for Kerrie but work on those has also ground almost to a halt. They are my priority though so will get done first. One I can't show you but the other is the Lightweight Mountain Peaks shawl (yes, still!). I'm on the edging for the shawl and it is looking stunning! I haven't taken a pic recently so nothing to see I'm afraid. Maybe next week...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Bag For Meg


While my friend Meg was visiting from Australia she took a fancy to my French Market Bag. So, being the good friend I am, I said I'd knit her one. This involved a little drive to Bristol to go to Get Knitted for the yarn. Shame about that! I was very good and only bought some more different sized cables for my Knit Picks Options set.

Meg chose Cascade 220 Handpaints yarn in colour #9921. I knit it exactly according to the pattern but wish I'd made the handles a bit longer. Ah well, they'll stretch with use. In the picture above the bag is filled with yummy Hip Knits yarns. And, no, Meg did not get the yarn. Hey, I'm not that selfless a friend!

Ravelry link

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Cardigan For Arwen


I've finished my Arwen cardigan! The knitting part of the obsession is finished but now I am obsessed with wearing it. Why yes, as a matter of fact I do own other cardigans but no, I won't wear them. ;-)

The stats: A Cardigan For Arwen from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 knit with Cascade 220 in colour #7813 on the needles recommended in the pattern.

I knit this exactly according to the pattern but if I were to knit it again I would knit the two fronts and back all in one piece to the arms. I would also knit the hood in one piece and leave live stitches on the back and shoulders so I could join the shoulders and hood to the back with Kitchener stitch.

Overall though this was a really fun knit with interesting construction and I love it.

'Nuff said.

Ravelry link.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Well, after a year's flirtation with Typepad and a blog break - I'm back. Back to blogging and back to Blogger.

I'll eventually move all of my Typepad posts over here but it will take a while. The Typepad blog will disappear sometime soon so update your feeds if you want to keep in touch!

I've had an amazingly busy month so no knitting or spinning to show. Things are getting back on track though and soon, hopefully, I'll have pics of projects finished and in progress. :-)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Round-Up

I have 5 WIPs at the moment and 1 UFO. The Mystery Stole 3 is the UFO and I think that later today it will become the late stole, the former stole, the RIPped stole. I love the different elements of the pattern but the transition between the wing and the rest of the stole just jars for me. I know there are instructions for making it symmetrical but I have so many things I badly want to knit that I really don't feel like bothering with a project that just doesn't inspire me. So, RIP MS3!

I'm knitting two projects for Kerrie at Hip Knits at the moment. One is the Lightweight Mountain Peaks shawl by Miriam Felton. I'm about halfway through the 4th repeat of chart 1. I've got two more repeats of chart 1 to do and will be glad when its done! This is the section that has patterning on both sides and I have a problem with row 14 every time I get to it. You'd think I'd have it down after 4 repeats but apparently not. The other project is one of Kerrie's own designs so I can't show you that but I will say that my guage was way off over the pattern the first time around so after some re-calculation things are back on track. I can also tell you that it is being knit in Hip Knits aran silk. Mmmmmmmm!

I have 3 projects for me on the go. First is the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style. I'm knitting it with Araucania Atacama on 5mm needles. It's now about 25 inches long and I'm not yet halfway through the second ball of three so I think it will be a good length. This is my no need to think knitting. I love alpaca yarn it is sooooo buttery soft to knit with.

Next are the socks I'm knitting with 2 different skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I still like the way they look but sock knitting is not really doing it for me at the moment. I think I might have over-strained my sock muscle during Summer of Socks! So the sock has grown but progress is not startling.

Finally, my real obssession - Arwen. I love it. Nuff said. :-)

Apologies for the dark photos, its overcast today and quite dark inside the house.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ever since I first saw 'A Cardigan For Arwen' in the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits I've wanted to knit it. I've toyed with swatches and yarn but always delayed casting on. I don't know why maybe because it has a hood and I'm not a big fan of hoods. Whatever the reason, I'm finally over it. I cast on on Saturday. I finished the back this morning. I love it. :-)

I'm using Cascade 220 in colour 7813 and I'm getting gauge on the needles recommended in the pattern. I didn't mind the plain stocking stitch for the back. I've mentioned before that I quite like stocking stitch and it goes quickly when I listen to podcasts or audio books while knitting. But it is good to have the cable, arm shaping and hood looming on the horizon. :-)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


No, not Second Sock Syndrome but Sock, Scarf, Shawl - the list of current WIPs.

I have another shawl sample for Kerrie on the needles. This is Miriam Felton's Lightweight Mountain Peaks Shawl being knit in Hip Knits laceweight cashmere on 2.5mm needles. The first chart has patterning on both the right and wrong sides requiring much concentration meaning that this is not bad light or late night knitting for me! I've done another couple of inches since I took this photo. I've got some other knitting for Kerrie on the needles too but I can't show that yet.

My 'no concentration required' knitting is a feather and fan scarf knit with Araucania Atacama on 5mm needles. The yarn is 100% alpaca and is gorgeous buttery soft. :-) I actually discovered that I can't watch Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in Lord of the Rings) and count to six at the same time so I also cast on for...

Socks! These are just stocking stitch so they really are dead head knitting. I'm using two different colours of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Lakeview and River. I had ugly pooling problems with the River colour so I decided to steal Mary's idea and alternate two different colours doing just one row of each. I like them! I have another skein of River so I've bought a different contrasting colour, Purple Club, to alternate with it and have yet another pair of rather unique socks.