Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fetching Again

Its been a bit of a week. No Friday Night Spinning because I was on day 3 of a 4-day headache, gone now thankfully. Very little knitting thanks mainly to afore-mentioned headache. It was all I could do on the bus to and from work to stop myself from throwing up let alone concentrate on knitting. Nice! Moving right along...

My measly bit of knitting has resulted in another FO! Be still my beating heart, that's 3 FO's before the end of January. Okay, okay I know they're all small but it still sounds good to me!

Fetching part the second. Knit on 3.5mm bamboo dpns with Rowan Tapestry. These are for my cousin who has much smaller hands than me. I hope she likes them. And yes, I know I forgot to twist the cable on the right hand mitt in the opposite direction. Oh well, Pam won't notice!

I have to go into work tomorrow then I've got the rest of the week and the following Monday off. If I manage not to sleep the whole time away, look out for some serious progress!

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