Sunday, January 21, 2007


Two FOs (and one from December) and its not even the end of January!

I was given a Fiber Trends felted clogs kit by Terri, my SP8. I started them a couple of days before Christmas and felted them on Christmas eve. They were sort of a stealth project although that wasn't intended. The Great Computer Crash Of 2006 was at fault. Excuse the Max-hair on them, they've been in use for a few weeks. In this house it doesn't take long for things to be christened with dog hair. Being black and white, Max has contrasting hair for every colour! :-)

Colinette Jitterbug socks. Started Christmas Day and finished 16th January. I used 2.75mm Brittany Birch dpns and knit them top down on 60 stitches with a short row heel. This is NICE sock yarn!

I've jumped on the Fetching bandwagon. Well, really, why wouldn't you? They're lovely to look at and quick to knit. This pair was knit with the leftover Patons Classic wool from the Fibre Trends clogs. I looooove purple, can you tell? :-)

I'll be starting another pair of these as soon as I finish this post. When I showed them to Mum she asked me to make a pair for a cousin whose birthday is today. They went out for lunch today and Mum took the mitts and some leftover Rowan Tapestry from my Clapotis to see if my cousin would like some knitted in that yarn. Cousin said yes so its back to the Fetching needles, pronto!

Colinette socks off the needles means that more socks have been cast on. Lornas Laces and the Conway pattern from Knitting on the Road. These are my commuter knitting so will take a while to finish. Although the purple/blue section looks like a big blob of pooling it is actually spiralling around the sock so I can live with that.

Finally, I've been on a bit of a book buying spree. This is what has arrived most recently. Victorian Lace and Arctic Lace should be arriving on Tuesday.

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