Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Night Spinning

I joined Friday Night Spinners and this is the first instalment. I just don't get around to spinning as often as I'd like and I really don't know why! So I thought joining a spin-a-long might help. It will at least get me spinning regularly which is a good thing.

This is the fibre I carded a while ago. Its a superwash wool/nylon blend - perfect for socks of course. It feels a bit harsh while I'm spinning it but I'm sure it will soften up when its washed after I've plied it. I've got more of the lime than the darker blue-green, which is three distinct shades, so I'm alternating a rolag of lime with a rolag of the darker colours. I like it! I'm going to navajo ply it so that it will make striped socks when knit up.

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