Sunday, January 07, 2007


Its been happening even though I haven't been able to blog about it

First, a very nice person gave me some Colinette Jitterbug for Christmas! This is absolutely gorgeous yarn to knit with. I'm using 2.75mm dpns because I had a bit of a pooling issue on 2.5mm. The yardage doesn't look enough but I split the skein into two and have enough for a pair for my UK size 6 feet. Sue also gave me some spinning fibre which I forgot to photograph.

The front and back of Turbulence from Knitting Nature were finished. Too small. Frogged. Restarted next size up and its looking too big! I don't think it is, I'm just being paranoid. No picture as I'm only about 6 inches into the plain stocking stitch back and its not worth looking at!

0701073 0701075
I've also started Eris in Jo Sharp 100% wool 8 ply (DK). Sorry about crappy pics - left it too late to take them. Nice to knit with and a lovely colour. If you're put off by the complicated cables and shaping of Eris (or I imagine Rogue too) don't be. The instructions and charts are really easy to follow. I thought the short row shaping in the cables to get the neck shaping would be difficult but it isn't. Mind you, I haven't got very far yet!

Knit From Your Stash update: No yarn bought! I even ignored the sale yarn in Beatties! (only 358 days to go...)

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