Thursday, February 01, 2007

Keeping You In Suspenders

That was one of my Dad's favourite sayings instead of saying 'keeping you in suspense'. So sorry for keeping you in suspenders, but here (finally) are the books I bought on Tuesday at Get Knitted.

Noro books, Rebecca magazine and the Fiber Trends hedgehog pattern. I love hedgehogs. I think mine might be psychedelic though. :-)

I also bought Modern Classics by Louisa Harding. There are so many patterns in this book I would knit that it seemed well worth buying!

Finally, my amazing burst of starting and finishing things is continuing. Oh yes it is! Yesterday I knit a... errrrr... cowl(?) for Mum who was waxing lyrical about one she used to have. It was an incredibly quick knit with thick singles yarn (courtesy of Sue who kindly let me have it from her stash because I don't have anything suitable in mine) on 9mm needles. The pattern is on the Knit Picks site and is called the Janie Cowl. I changed the neck so that it doesn't fold over - this one is warm enough and bulky enough not to need the extra layer! It counts as a February FO because I sewed the ends in this morning. First day of February and another FO - I'm sooooooo chuffed! :-) Most important thing is that Mum loves it and says its just what she wanted.

I've frogged the Lorna's Laces sock - AGAIN! The yarn has gone back in the sock tub and I'm going to try to forget I own it. I've also frogged Turbulence. I just don't feel like knitting it at the moment. That means only two things on the needles! No socks!! I'm going to finish off the collar of Eris tomorrow and hopefully pick up the stitches around the neck for the body. Its fairly plain sailing from then. I've also started something lacy from Victorian Lace but I'm reserving judgement on it until its a bit longer. I've only done 6 rows and it doesn't look like anything much at the moment.

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