Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've lived in this country for about ten and a half years now and this is the best snow fall I've seen. :-) I've stayed home from work because its a 10 mile bus trip and the bus gets disrupted by even half an inch of snow. I think we've got about 4-5 inches so far and its still snowing heavily. Now I know I could probably get to work and it would probably take about 2 hours and then I'd have to get home. Who knows how long that would take. I've just heard on the radio that my bus is running on a truncated route and with delays so I think I've made the right choice!

Here are the pics. I'll probably add more as the day goes on. I love snow.

070208-1 070208-2
070208-3 070208-4
070208-5 070208-6
070208-7 070208-8
070208-9 070208-10

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