Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Knits & More

I knit a pair of newborn baby socks for the soon to be great-neffy poo yesterday. No pattern, I just knit until I got the first one right and then quickly made the second before I forgot what I'd done! I think they are soooo cute! I've started a hat in the same yarn which is a nasty acrylic. Yuck! But no point in making anything in nice wool as my niece will just throw it in the washing machine I think. I want to make some thumbless mittens too and that will be it for this round of the neffy poo knitting.

Koigu socks are progressing but slowly. I have about half of the leg still to knit. With only 2 days of commuter knitting left, I will have to make an effort to knit on these at home.

Wavy is slightly longer! The flash has brightened the colours quite a lot. The colours make me think of a forest and sky. I don't usually do brown but lately I'm becoming more attracted to it. Maybe I'm finally becoming a traditional redhead or, terrible thought!, my love of all colours I 'shouldn't' wear is mellowing as I get older.

070325-07 070325-04
I've done a bit of spinning this weekend too. The first pic is a possum/merino blend. It was an interesting spin. I think if I spin any more I will card it first as it didn't draft very well. Pic on the right is a close-up.

070325-06 070325-05
Second interesting spin was some flax tops. Its quite easy to spin but feels completely different to wool. The fibre feels quite soft as tops but hard, like string, when spun - not surprising I suppose! I made myself laugh when I realised I was picking vegetable matter out of... well... vegetable matter! Pic on the right is a close up of the spun single thread. (And quite a good one of my fingerprints!)

Both of these unusual fibres were given to me by Sue who seems to have become my fibre pusher! Thanks Sue!

Only 2 days of my very intensely disliked job left!! On Thursday, second day of freedom, I'm going to the NEC for the Sewing for Pleasure/Hobbycrafts show. Come and say hi if you see me! I'm the mad red-headed Aussie - a fairly distinctive accent in Birmingham!

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