Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Good Day

And it would have been even better if I'd been paying attention to my knitting!

I was hoping to have finished the Mason-Dixon kimono by now but a lapse of concentration meant a trip to the frog pond. I'd forgotten to do a yarn over and it was glaringly obvious to me. I'm sure the imminent great-nephy-poo wouldn't have noticed and maybe my niece and sister wouldn't have but I knew it was there and so rippit rippit rippit. Maybe I'll get it finished by the end of the day.

We have one finished Koigu sock and the toe of the second. Koigu... mmmmmmmm! Is it odd to love a yarn so much? I'm well aware that I'm not alone in this oddity! :-)

This is Araucania Atacama 100% alpaca I got from HipKnits last year. I didn't know quite what to do with it until yesterday. I've only got 3 skeins so I thought it would make a great Wavy from Knitty. I'm in love with alpaca yarn too. So, so soft.

I saw a shooting star yesterday morning - perhaps the only benefit of having become an incurable insomniac. Yesterday turned out to be a very good day! I'll tell you about it when I can. To make life even better, I woke up thinking about knitting this morning instead of W.O.R.K and that can only be a good thing and mean that life is getting back to normal! Roll on 30th March and...


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