Sunday, March 04, 2007

Look! Over There!

No knitting, spinning or weaving progress to show today. I've almost finished another dishcloth and the baby kimono has a back and part of a left sleeve and front but there has been no other progress. I didn't even knit on the bus last week! I feel like I'm just kicking my heels waiting to be able to be finished with work. Giving almost twice as much notice as required might have seemed the right thing to do but
boy-o-boy-o-boy is it making for a long route to escape. I still have four more weeks to survive when if I'd only given the required four weeks this would be my last week. Oh well, four more weeks pay to go into the kitty I suppose.

070303-10 070303-13
To distract you from the dearth of knitting pictures here are two of last night's lunar eclipse. I really must get my camera fitted to my telescope so I can take decent pictures. Oh didn't I tell you? I've always been an astronomy geek! I have two telescopes and lots of bits and pieces to attach to them. :-)

A picture of this morning's sunrise. Quite spectacular but short-lived. About 10 minutes after I took this all colour had gone and after about an hour it started to rain and hasn't stopped all day. The red reflections on the ground are in the flood water. The River Avon has burst its banks again. Its happened so often this year that I'm getting quite fond of the lake out the back. :-)

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