Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello Hello...

Yes, yes I'm still here I've just been enjoying my freedom. I've been reading lots of blogs but haven't felt particularly inspired to update my own. I have been knitting lots though!

The thing that has me enchanted and determined to knit it until my fingers bleed is the Seraphim shawl by Miriam Felton. The beginning is a bit of a slog as its all stocking stitch but once you hit the lace its extremely addictive. :-) The colour is way off in this pic but it was the one that best showed the lace pattern. The yarn is Hip Knits sock yarn. I'm actually knitting this for Kerrie of Hip Knits. She contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to knit for her while I was between jobs. Naturally I said yes!

It does mean that I won't be able to show you a fair amount of what I'll be knitting but I can show pics like the shawl and this. Kerrie's lovely aran silk in Leaf. I've never knit with pure silk before and I am now ruined!

I'm still knitting socks. I've just re-joined the Six Sox KAL and their current sock is the Horcrux sock based on the Harry Potter books. Its a nice quick knit! I got a bit obsessed on Tuesday and knit all you see in the pic on that day. Once again the colour is crap but you can see the pattern (lightening shaped like Harry's scar!) The yarn is SWTC's Tofutsies, nice and silky feeling but it seems very thin and no 'sproing' but I'll see what its like after a wash.

Another sock is on the needles. This is just going to be plain stocking stitch, toe-up and with a short row heel. I think the yarn is so lovely I wouldn't want a pattern to take anything away from it! I love the skinny stripes. This yarn was a gift from Purlpower for the Hot Socks swap and is from Piece of Beauty.

This skein of sock yarn was a gift from the lovely Sue who was volunteering at the NEC on Saturday along with Yvonne, Sue and others. I also met Annette and Mary, Fred and Noonie were all there on Thursday. It was much busier on Saturday than on Thursday and I lost count of the people I taught to fingerknit!

This Saturday, Sue and I are heading up to the wilds of Shropshire to go to the Moral Fibre open day. We've also convinced the other Sue to come with us to Wonderwool Wales! Be afraid - the Sues are taking over the world! At least you know we'll be a benign dictatorship to all our other fibre-y friends!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a rather nice Saturday Sky picture in Ludlow...

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