Monday, June 11, 2007

Clown Barf & Other Knitting

I've cast on another pair of socks. Its okay... I know its an addiction. I'm knitting these with Regia Bamboo colour #1062. I'm calling them my 'clown barf' socks because there is every colour of the rainbow in these and then some. The actual sock knitted up isn't quite as retina searingly bright as you might expect. The yarn is shiny, silky and soft. I have great hopes for this pair. :-) I'm about halfway down the leg now.

The self-designed, or maybe self-math-worked-out, top down raglan is progressing. I've decided to knit the sleeves before the body because I am quite particular about the length of sleeves. I like either 3/4 length or long enough to come about halfway down my hands. I know if I don't get the length right I won't wear the sweater. The body length isn't so critical as long as it hits at least just below my waist. I'll have enough yarn but I want to make sure the arms are okay. I like the Sirdar Salsa both to knit with and as a knitted up fabric.

Square number 2 for Lizard Ridge is complete. This is Noro Kureyon colour #92. I have been a real slacker knitting (or not) these squares so I have set myself a target of at least a square a month.

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