Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time Warp

I received my Ravelry invite last night and since then I've done very little other than add pictures and descriptions of yarn and projects to it. It is the most amazing site. I've wanted to have a project, stash, book, needle etc database for a while but just couldn't be arsed to do it. Ravelry is great because the infrastructure is there already and you only have to fill in the details.

It has been set up by Frecklegirl and her partner and they've done most of the work themselves. They've been overwhelmed by
the interest shown and apparently there have been complaints about them not getting the invites out quick enough. I waited a couple of weeks for my invite and have to admit to a twinge of whiney jealousy when I saw a post on other blogs praising the site. I wouldn't whinge to the site's creators though because I think they deserve nothing but praise for coming up with a great idea and creating it for free for us knitters. So if you haven't had your invite yet - don't despair! Get your stash, FOs and WIPs photographed and documented so you'll be ready to party when the invite comes.

Ravelry should come with a warning though... I've lost most of the last 24 hours to it. Its an incredible time eater. I've spent way too much time looking at everyone's yarn and projects. Fun!

Before the invite came, I had been knitting!

First up, the top-down raglan I'm designing myself as I go along. I'm making it with Sirdar Salsa DK in 'Moonlight'. Its a hard colour to photograph - fuzzy black plied with purple and blue. I have a confession... I like stocking stitch... in the round... weird I know. I find it relaxing and like that I don't have to concentrate too hard on it. Just knit, knit, knit, knit round and round and round and...

Victorian Lace Socks from the Six Sox KAL. I'm knitting these with the Feb '07 Posh Yarn sock club yarn called 'Kiss Me'. I think the combination of the lacy pattern and variegated pinks is really girly and pretty. Sock two is on the needles and I might give these to Mum as an extra birthday surprise if I get them finished in time. I'm a bit behind thanks to Ravelry!

Now I have to go shove all my sock yarn back in its tub. I was slightly shocked to discover I have enough sock yarn for 30 pairs of socks. 10 of those pairs could be made from Posh Yarn...


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