Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Curse Of Pomatomus

For me, Pomotamus appears to be a cursed pattern. My first attempt turned out too big. My latest attempt - too small. Aaaargh! I did two pattern repeats before I gave in to the inevitable.I really like the pattern and when I calm down enough to try it again I hope to get the size right...

Seeing as Pomotamus has gone to the big frog pond in the sky, I needed to get another sock on the needles for Summer of Socks. When the going gets tough... give up! I'm knitting this pair in stocking stitch with a self-striping yarn. Instant, easy results! :-) The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed in colour #1004. It feels a bit harsh after all the Posh Yarn cashmere blends I've been knitting with lately but I'm sure it will soften up after washing.

I haven't been neglecting the top-down raglan. Well, not too much! I've decided not to do waist shaping - something I might come to regret! I just pick it up every now and then and do a round or three. As long as I have it finished in time for the cooler weather I'll be happy.

070707-02 070707-04
Clue 2 of the mystery stole came out last Friday. I'm really enjoying knitting this and, so far, I love the design. I think its the beads that make me like it so much.

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