Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me Is A Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger! I haven't posted here for about three weeks and really can only blame my own apathy. I still haven't fixed my own computer but once again its due to apathy. I think if I didn't have Mum's computer I would have sorted it out ages ago. I've promised myself I will do it. Sometime. Soon. Really.

I haven't even been doing an awful lot of knitting either. I've had another bad ear infection and have spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and reading. :-) There has been some knitting!

Faysie's socks are complete. I actually finished these on 31st July. They are for my bestest friend's Mum, Fay. Fay is like my second mum and is responsible for an awful lot of my crafty addiction! She started it all by teaching me ceramics while I was still at school. She is an amazing quilter too and made a bag for me that I use as my 'big project' knitting bag. I must take a picture of it and post it here.

The next pair of socks was cast on immediately but so far I've only completed one. The yarn is Silkwood sock yarn in the 'Blueberries' colour. I bought this last October at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. I'm using the Blueberry Waffle pattern and I really like the way its looking.

Well, I have a few other things to show but I'll leave those for another post. It won't be so long between posts this time!

Thanks Shannon for jolting me out of my non-blogging apathy! ;-)

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