Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WIP It, WIP It Good

A quick report on the 'other than socks' WIPs I have on the needles.

Corazon mitten from Knitty. This is a lovely pattern! I'm using Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK in sage green and cream and 3.5mm needles. These mittens will be very warm and smooshy to wear. This picture is of the first mitten which I've since finished and I'm just past the ribbing on the second mitten.

Square number 4 for Lizard Ridge, also from Knitty. This one is knit from colour # 138. I'm sticking to my goal of a square a month so far but I think I might up it to two squares otherwise I'll still be knitting this when I'm 90.

Another shawl sample for Kerrie at Hip Knits. This is the Hidcote Garden shawl by Miriam Felton using Hip Knits laceweigt cashmere. The field of flowers bit at the top got quite boring to knit after a while but now I've hit the garden beds section and it is going along much more quickly. (edited to add: the picture shows the top of the shawl at the bottom, the diamond pattern just starting to show at the top is the garden beds section. Bit confusing the way I originally wrote it!) I'm about halfway through Chart 6 at the moment. I haven't knit on it for a few days because...

I've been on a sock binge! Full report later in the week. :-)

(Apologies for the dark pictures, our current British summer weather means dark days and terrible light conditions. The dreadful summer this year has seriously made me think about moving back to Australia!!)

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