Friday, September 08, 2006

More Mists

This morning the mists were absolutely spectacular! It was quite cold too and for the first time in ages I wished I had my gloves with me. :-)

060908-1This first photo was taken on my walk to the bus stop. It takes about 20 minutes and, although I walk along the road, there are plenty of places where you can look down towards the river over the open meadows. Its always pretty but when its misty it is something else! Occasionally you take a picture that makes you think 'wow! that is something special!' and then you take another one...

060908-3Words fail me. I think this is the best photo I've ever taken. I took it a few steps further down the road and facing the other direction and directly into the sun.

This open patch used to be some houses and garages which they've demolished. Its directly opposite an old folks home and I can imagine the little old ladies and gents looking out of the window and wondering about the crazy lady with the camera! At least I wasn't holding up a sock so it could be in the picture! (Only because I don't have one on the needles at the moment... must cast on tonight.)

060908-5I've finished the first Regia Silk sock. Its knitted toe up with an afterthought heel. Its lovely and soft and I can't wait to finish the other one so I can wear them. :-)

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