Sunday, December 23, 2007

Misty Garden


I've finished knitting the Misty Garden scarf from Scarf Style and although it wasn't intended to be a Christmas present I think I will be giving it to my mum. I haven't knit anything for her this Christmas so finishing this just in time is perfect!

We've had freezing fog here for most of the week so an FO with 'misty' in its name seems very appropriate. Its very foggy again this morning with a hard frost and according to Yahoo its -4C here at the moment.

Great weather for knitters!

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Dreams of Yarn said...

Hey Sue did you ever get the card I sent? hope so. Wishing you a very very happy holiday.

Butterfly said...

Hello ! I'm French and I'm searching for yarn to knit the Misty Garden scarf. Yours is georgous ! Your mother is very lucky ....!!!
Wish you a happy holiday an a happy New Year.