Monday, December 31, 2007

Old Year Round-Up

It is that day of the year again where its time to review what I've knit over the last 12 months.

Not surprisingly, there have been lots of socks.
070120-5 070328-01 070415-02
070428-02 070514-02 070526-01
070531-01 070607-01 070619-01
070630-01 070724-01 070807-02
070819-01 070821-01 070901-01
071208-01 071227-01

There were three shawls (knit for Kerrie).
070418-01 070830-01 071203-01

Handses, headses, neckses.
070121-1 070128-1 070903-03
070718-03 071223-01

070718-01 071022-02

070320-01 070420-01

A toy.

There were also the designs of Kerrie's that I knit for her (two tops and a triangular scarf).

Overall, I think I can say that being unemployed for a fair whack of the year was definitely good for my productivity! Nearly everything was knit from stash although I certainly didn't go the whole year without buying yarn. I still have more than enough yarn to keep knitting without having to buy more. I'm going to limit my purchasing again in 2008 although I have signed up for the Blue Moon Fibre Arts Rocking Sock Club. :-)

Here's to hoping that 2008 is another year filled with fibre-y goodness...

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