Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Toy No Knitting

On Friday my new computer arrived so I've been messing about getting it set up the way I like. I've also been adding music, podcasts, photos etc until my fingers bleed but still have made hardly a dent in the hard disk space. Its got a huge amount of RAM and a fast processor too so I'm in techie heaven. Its also got Windows Vista as the operating system and although I haven't come across anything I really hate, the jury is still out on whether I like it or not.

In the absence of knitting to show you, I only have a new spreadsheet to report. I finally set up a stash spreadsheet to track my incoming and knitted up stash totals. It serves a different purpose to my stash being on Ravelry and I kind of hope using the two together will remind me of how much yarny goodness I really have. I've set up some formulae to calculate the totals for me so I can be lazy :-) so all I have to do now is remember to keep it up to date...

Oh, and for those interested, I have 25,135 metres of yarn or just over 25 kilometres (about 15 miles). A mere drop in the ocean compared to lot of knitters! :-) I haven't put my handspun, undyed or weaving yarn in either because I want to track just knitting stash at the moment.

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