Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I forgot to post on Sunday - oops!

I've finished the baby kimono and only need to sew on the buttons. In Mason-Dixon Knitting they use ribbon ties but I prefer buttons. How cute are the buttons!

I've been dyeing. These are going to be put up for sale 100gm 75% superwash wool 25% nylon sock yarn for £10.00 each. I'll get better pictures on the weekend when I can play in the daylight. I really like all of these! They'll knit up with fairly random colours rather than striping. I must get to work on a proper website!

Its almost two years since I started blogging - amazing! I was never any good at keeping a paper diary but this form seems to work for me.

To finish, the rest of Saturday's alpaca pics. Check out the one of the fleece - don't you just want to dive in? And yes, they really are as soft as they look (and they do spit but not as much as camels!)
070317-07 070317-09
070317-08 070317-06
070317-05 070317-04
070317-03 070317-02
070317-01 070317-10

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