Sunday, February 17, 2008


Its been a while since I posted about my spinning. I haven't been overly productive on the spinning front but I do have a bit to share! :-)


First, some silk. This is some Fyberspates tussah silk. I'm spinning it thin, roughly laceweight, but letting it be a little slubby. I will ply it and I think the eventual aim is to make either a shawl or stole/wide scarf.


Next is some natural cream alpaca. Once again it is laceweight and I have about 200gms of this so I should be able to get some good yardage. I don't have anything in mind for this yet but I might make an Icarus shawl with it.


Lastly, I've been using my hand cards to do a bit of blending. I'm making each blend a little different so the spun yarn will be variegated but in a quite random way. Once again this is thin! I think once I ply this it will be more of a cobweb weight. I'm thinking at the moment that this may become another Lightweight Mountain Peaks shawl.

I think I'm on a bit of a thin-spin-spree!

A last couple of photos that I took of this morning's sunrise. I really love the weather at the moment - frosty mornings with sunny days and cold nights. Bliss!



Steph said...

Beautiful photos. The sunsets are amazing atm too!
I have yet to give my drop spindle a go - just too busy knitting!

Anni said...

Grogeous spinning.