Sunday, March 16, 2008

Posh Pomatomus

Hmmmmm... kind of fell off the blogging radar didn't I? Oh well, I'm back with an FO!


Pomatomus are finished. Knit on 2.5mm dpns with Posh Yarn Lucia in the 'April Showers' colourway. I got into a bit of a rut with these and, because I was laying a guilt trip on myself about finishing them, I had no motivation to knit anything else. Now I want to finish Tangled Yoke and my STR socks (or sock - still on the foot of the first one).

1 comment:

susoolu said...

Hush, do not mention the STR, for the second package is about to arrive, and the first is not done (actually, not barely even started...)

Good pomamamomumatomus though.