Friday, June 27, 2008


Well. I vanished for quite a while didn't I? It wasn't intentional but I have been rather busy with work stuff and have been spending too much of my free time on Ravelry. I've got a few things to show for my absence, mostly spinning, but I do have a finished object to show off.

This is my Forest Canopy Shawl.


I knit it from one skein of Posh Yarn Sophia 4ply in 'Squeal' on 5mm needles. To get it out of one skein I only did eight repeats of the body chart. It is large enough to wear as a triangular scarf which is what I wanted and will look fabulous with my black winter coat.


Details on Ravelry.

Next post will be all about spinning and my new spindle. :-)

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Dreams of Yarn said...

I absolutely love the color of that shawl. Its so vibrant and crisp looking! Is the color in the photo fairly true to the actual piece? WOW. So good to see you posting! Cheers to you.