Monday, June 08, 2009

Well, Lookie Here...

Well, I have been remiss haven't I? I didn't intend to stop blogging but I just lost the 'umpf' to do it. I haven't really knit or spun much this year either but hopefully that will change now!

I'm changing jobs again. I've got a new job at a university I've always wanted to work for so I'm really happy! It will involve a daily 2.5 hour train commute so I should have plenty of knitting time. I'm on annual leave for my old job at the moment and start the new one on 15th June. Can't wait! :-)

Since I last updated, Flyte has been frogged. I just wasn't feeling the love and hadn't knit a stitch of it since January. I have four projects on the needles at the moment, scarf, sock, cardigan and shawl, so let's have a bit of a WIP around.


The pattern is Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino 'Mist' Lace Scarf and I'm knitting it with Crystal Palace Kid Merino in colour #435 'Blueberries-Grapes' on 3.75mm needles. The yarn is nice to knit with and the pattern is easy to memorise. The yarn and pattern were a leaving gift from my former colleagues along with a skein of Zen Yarn Garden Sea Sock yarn in colour 'Irish Spring' and a voucher from Amazon (oh and a lovely bouquet of flowers).


I'm on the second sock of this pair. The yarn is Regia Color 4ply in colour #05025 and I'm knitting it on 2.25mm dpns with the toes knit on 2mm dpns. I love the soft muted colours in this yarn.


This pattern is 'Morning Echo' from issue 14 of Yarn Forward. I actually had enough Rowan Calmer in stash to knit it so, for once, I'm actually knitting something in the yarn it was designed for. The colour is #474 'Khaki', a sage green, although it looks grey in my craptastic photo.


Icarus by Mimknits. Knit on 3.25mm needles in Posh Yarn Eva 2ply in 'Pewter', a beautiful, very subtle semi-solid colour. I've done a bit more than this now but haven't taken a new photo yet.

That's it for this post. I'm going to try to be a better blogger and at least do weekly posts... try to anyway!

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yvette said...

Good luck with your new job, I too have Icarus and Morning Echo in my soon to be knitted pile ;)