Saturday, March 21, 2015

It is Spring!

It's so cold! But things are beginning to stir and it looks as though Spring is really trying hard to get going. I go for a walk in the University Parks on Friday lunchtimes with a couple of my colleagues and usually end up taking a few pictures on my phone. Yesterday, it was looking very Spring-like.

20150320-06 20150320-08 20150320-09 20150320-04

Things are moving on at home too. Over the last few weeks I've sown some sunflowers, radishes, summer and winter squash, courgettes, tomatillos, tomatoes, spring onions, dwarf broad beans, peas chillies, brussels sprouts, Kale and finally some more cucumbers for pickling as gherkins.

20150321-01The carrots I sowed a few weeks ago are just beginning to sprout as are the spring onions. The lettuces are up and looking healthy.

Everything inside on the window sills is going great guns. I'm fast running out of space! I really need that allotment but I haven't heard anything from the council yet. I've also put my name on the waiting list for another site so fingers crossed!




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